Learn to Still Your Overactive Mind Using Mantras

In this 10 day audio course, you will learn how to use the I AM Method and how to anchor to the present moment and stillness. I will guide you to develop your own mantra, as well as explore the traditional origins and power of mantras.

This course will give you the tools to cultivate peace at any given moment. In doing so, you will go beyond false beliefs, fears, and automatic thoughts and emotions. With this practice, you will experience the fullness of peace and joy and overcome anxiety, depression and improve sleep quality

Introduction: What Is A Mantra?

In our first class, I will show you what a mantra is, the key purpose of using a mantra, and the origins of mantras. We will delve into a more in-depth discussion on the mantra OM and you will be given an overview of what each lesson of the course will encompass.

Who Is The Observer Of Thoughts?

Consciousness has different states. The I Am mantra is designed to help us find a state of deep stillness below the superficial mind. In this class, you will find a way to observe thoughts and learn how to recognize the observer within; your mind’s eye. The objective is to be aware of thoughts, observing them with objectivity so that we can become completely present in each moment. True life is in the present the rest is an illusion.

Implementing I Am Mantra & Sound Mantra

We have around 150,000 thoughts per day. Many of these thoughts aren’t useful, are altering our perception of the present or are distracting us from living in the now. In this class Pablo will show you how to use the first part of the I Am mantra and how to implement it in your daily meditation. Pablo invites you to use his Sound Mantra track to accompany this lesson. This can be found in the Insight Timer guided library entitled: ‘Sound Mantra 1 With Bells’. We will also discuss what a sound mantra is, using this powerful tool to help us live our fullest and most joyful lives.

Second Part Of The Mantra

In this class we will learn the second part of the I Am mantra, the emotional part of the mantra. To do so, we will meditate on the words I Am before adding a second word that is emotionally resonant with our lives at present eg. I am Love, I am Peace. This word will be chosen based on our first impulse, inviting us to rely on the power of our intuition. You are welcome to experiment and let your mind flow naturally until a word feels right.

Third Part Of The Mantra

In this lesson, we will find the third part of the mantra based on how you feel in the moment. This part of the mantra adds a great deal of freedom and lets you connect deeply with yourself. I Am is consciousness itself, the one that looks at the thoughts, the second part of the mantra is a word that is resonant of the truth of your being and the final part is a statement reflective of how you feel in the moment e.g. I am love and light (or abundance/ creativity).

My Experience With Meditation

Now that you have developed your mantra in its complete form, Pablo will delve into his experience with meditation and how to grow the experience of stillness by observing our thoughts. This is a beautiful insight into Pablo’s experience, and he explains how he has trained himself to rid the mind of distracting or negative thoughts and fills these gaps with blissful, calming silence.

Trying New Mantras

In this lesson, you will be given the opportunity to try a range of mantras that Pablo has created. This lesson allows for the playful yet profound experimentation of this powerful tool. You will be invited to grab a pen and paper/journal so that you can write down the mantras that resonate with you most.

Making Peace Your Priority

If you make peace your priority you can learn to be free of suffering. From this place of inner contentment, you can teach others to do the same, contributing to a world where peace and kindness prevail. In today’s lesson, Pablo offers a profound discussion on how to make peace our priority and how we can learn to choose peace at any moment of our day.

Peace Is An Experience

In this class, you will learn how to recognize peace and apply it to your everyday life. Pablo explains that peace is an experience you can find by being fully present in each moment. Peace is a never-ending experience that is always accessible and constantly growing and evolving. Today we will practice the Mantra ‘I Am What I Am; inviting us to accept ourselves wholeheartedly.

Choosing Peace & Finding The Key

In our final class, we will learn how to make the conscious choice to choose peace in any given situation and not to get lost in the labyrinth of the mind. Pablo acknowledges the barriers that can prevent us from finding peace and offers us practical tools to shift our mindset.


Music & Mnatras as Tools for Inner Peace

During this 10-day audio course, you will explore 4 attributes that are key to self-illumination: empathy, wisdom, compassion, and stillness. Using blissful music and the powerful I AM Method, I invite you to awaken to the stillness within. 

You will come to recognize your capacity to live a peaceful, inspired, and enlightened life and live in harmony with your own mind

Demystifying Enlightenment

What is enlightenment, and why have we made it so unattainable? In this first lesson, we will talk about enlightenment. The idea that it takes years of meditation to achieve enlightenment is not true. It is true that you do have to meditate to train the mind and become aware, but that is a natural evolution. Here, you will learn some mantras that I have used to maintain this state of enlightenment.

Wisdom & Compassion

You may think that it is impossible to eliminate suffering from the world, but this practice invites us to make the effort. Wisdom and compassion both come from love and love does not include suffering. Dramatic emotions or victim status are not necessary for us. Acting with wisdom and compassion are the highest form of love and from there comes peace.


Meditating with your eyes open and observing others is also observing yourself. By connecting with your surroundings – be it people, nature, or animals – you will feel more in tune with it. In reality, we are all one being: the universe. We are the stems and flowers of the universe, the universe observing itself, aware of its own creation. From that state, empathy is born. This lesson will guide you to that state.


There is only one requirement for enlightenment and that is to be present. And what does that mean? It means having your mind and heart at peace, in the happy presence of now. Using the mantra you will learn in this lesson, we can help ourselves observe thoughts. Using mantras will allow you to enter the experience of looking beyond the thoughts that go through your mind.

The Mantras

These are the mantras that we have practiced and relate to the four inner attributes that we are working on compassion, wisdom, empathy, and stillness. Having a mantra creates a point of focus to which you can effortlessly return. It is a sacred space in your mind. Usually, the mind is entertained with useless thoughts and the present moment becomes blurred. These mantras create coherence in our brain and balance between our hearts and mind.

The Feelings

The awareness of our feelings is just as important as the awareness of thoughts. Feelings help us redirect our consciousness. In this lesson, we will use a simple technique to discover where we are in the present moment in relation to some feeling. We will ask ourselves some questions that will help us distance ourselves from automatic reactions that can easily hurt us.

Judgment & Innocence

Judgment sometimes prevents us from living in the present, and it also takes away the innocence of the moment. This innocence is vital to our creativity and love for others. If you become innocent with the help of a mantra and become aware of the automatic thoughts of judgment, you can let them go. Without paying attention to them, you recommit to the present moment and thus, activate empathy and connect with your creativity.


Enlightenment can happen at any time, and the core of enlightenment is peace in you. Peace is at your disposal anytime. It is a state of consciousness. It is the stillness in your mind; a deep understanding of our union with everything. There is no need to become something or achieve something. Just being is enough.

The Spiral Of Understanding

Wisdom comes through experience, so to speak of the enlightenment we must first experience and know it. Enlightenment is always there for you because it lives in the present and expands in an endless spiral. In this
lesson, we will practice the mantra “I am infinite peace”. This practice will be at the center of the 4 pillars of enlightenment: stillness, wisdom, empathy, and compassion. They are all connected and growing at the same time.


Once we achieve a state of peace, the key is to be aware of all the things outside us that pull us out of that inner peace. In this conclusion, we will focus on inventing 5 mantras – one for each topic that has been discussed: peace, empathy, compassion, stillness, and wisdom. We will use the mantras as anchors so that when external stimuli take us out of our peace, we have something to hold onto in that stillness. Living from within and using mantras are great steps towards enlightenment.



Contacting Your Creative Force With Mantras

In this 10-day audio course, you will learn the tools that will help you connect with a field of new possibilities and ideas.

The creative force is a state where you have no chains, no barriers, limiting thoughts or fear. Throughout this practice, you will be able to refocus your mind to devote your energy to expansive thoughts by using the power of the I AM Method.

Beyond Limiting Thoughts

The creative force is a state where you have no chains, no barriers, limiting thoughts, or fear. Throughout this practice, you will be able to refocus your mind to devote your energy to expansive thoughts by using the power of mantras. You will write down all the sensations and thoughts you come across during the meditation and creative exercises. At the end of this day, you will be on the right track to be in contact with your creative force.

Open To New Ideas

During the second day, we will do a short meditation to quiet the mind. After, we will meditate. This meditation will lead us into a new exercise where you will write one of your creative ideas as you listen to music. Through this practice, you will discover how to develop this creative idea. Throughout the practice, we will tackle the thoughts that may roam through your mind as your creativity emerges. Together, we will break the barriers in our mind which may be limiting your creativity.

The Seed Of Thought

On day three, we will focus on the mantra “I am the creator of my reality.” This mantra will help us feel completely responsible for our creations. And this responsibility will bring us awareness. Then, we will identify our limiting thoughts. Together, we will recognize the structures and objectives that are a part of the creative process and the seed of thought. Through this awareness, we will become free to create.

Beyond Victimhood

The theme of freedom will be our focus on day four. Freedom comes from observing our emotions and thoughts and becoming aware of that conditioning. The objective of focusing on freedom is to become aware of our thoughts and emotions and gain awareness. By working through the theme of liberation, you will anchor your experience of creating within a state of peace.

Creativity & Peace

Our everyday conditioning can often change our natural creative mentality into a victim-like mentality. One of the first things that this conditioning does is teach us to compare ourselves with other people, artists, or writers, family, etc. But during this lesson, we will break those habits and overcome insecurities. We will work on a mental exercise that will help you identify patterns so that we can observe those patterns and become aware.

Creating A Space Of Listening & Understanding

Creativity is unlimited. We can create love in our lives, forgiveness, peace, and kindness. We can create a space for listening and understanding to be aware and compassionate. During day six, we will meditate in a space of calm and wisdom. We will also learn to become aware of our creative process in order to change it. If we want to create something, we must first become aware that we can change our process and, thus, create.

Creating Forgiveness

Day seven will focus on creating a space of forgiveness. Forgiving others is important, but ourselves is a priority, too. So the session will be very special as we will work through all the things we need to forgive. At times, we leave ourselves for last. But this session we will create a space of forgiveness and compassion. It will be a moment for ourselves where we will learn not to be so hard on ourselves. By doing so, the mind focuses on the present and you are able to let positive thoughts and creativity flow within you.

Sanctuary Of Peace

Day eight will teach you how you can become an ambassador of peace by creating your own space of peace and calm everywhere you go. This space will be sacred, it will be an incubator for your creativity and imagination. Here, you will be able to relax and breathe the endless beauty that is flowing through you thanks to the power of your imagination.

Compassion & Empathy

The ninth day will be led by the question: whom would I like to understand more deeply? If the answer for you is “I would like to understand myself more deeply,” this session will help answer that question, too. With this exercise, you will have a point of connection to your creativity. You will be able to become more empathic and wise and be inspired by those around you.

The Space Of Doing Nothing

Today, we want to be busy all the time, so we don’t have to look inside us. But in this lesson, we will remember to look inside ourselves. This is the most exciting journey that anyone could experience and, also, one of the most important aspects of creativity. During day ten, you will find the perfect moment to let your mind breathe in silence, to be in the moment and appreciate the beauty within you where creativity is born.

One Mantra a Day With Relaxing Music

These mantras have been crafted for you to improve both your mental and physical health. Paired with relaxing and healing music, each affirmation and meditation guides you through a calm path that leads to joy and inner peace. Join Pablo Arellano (me) in this magical journey of self-discovery and tap into your infinite wisdom.

I am Loving Myself Completely
What does it mean to love yourself completely? During day one, the focus will be self-love. Learning to accept yourself completely, with all the responsibility that acceptance entails, is crucial in this journey. Accompanied with a short meditation, this mantra will teach you to be humble but brave in order to give and receive, and be free to love and forgive all things. Let the light of the universe hug you and help you turn on your inner light.
I am Aware of my Thoughts and Emotions
What does being conscious of your feelings and thoughts mean? Day two will answer this question. Becoming aware of your thoughts and emotions is crucial when seeking a connection with your true self. At times, thoughts create emotions; other times, the emotion comes first. But sometimes the emotion is so fast we don’t become aware of it. Thus, most of the time we are blinded by our emotions. Automatic feelings and thoughts are present all the time, and awareness brings positive and healthy versions of these two. Through this awareness, the mind becomes a tool of thought and not a factory of suffering.
I Am One With the Divine
Do you think you are separated from nature? Day three will focus on being one with the divine and breaking our optic separation from nature. We are all connected: minerals, animals, nature, and humans. And not only are we connected, but our existence depends on becoming aware of this connection, which means we are divine and beautiful. When we feel a part of everything, we become aware of others. This creates empathy, which is a form of enlightenment. Join me on day three so you can engage deeply in what life brings you and take one step closer to your true self.
I am Joy

Have you ever grasped the feeling of many moments stitched together? Day four will focus on joy and understanding this feeling. When we comprehend that the present moment is our only truth, we unlock great freedom. Through this realization, we can let go of the past and future and be responsible for our creation in the present. Grasping that there is great joy in every moment is seeking freedom through simplicity and power. So join me on day four to create an infinite presence of joyful events in your life.

I am Aware that Inner Peace is my Priority

Day five features a mantra that is dear to my heart and focuses on peace. My favorite subject is peace. Being peaceful is not only in our actions but also in our inner world. Peace is our birthright; we can be at peace at any moment of the day. Learning how to access this peace can be the seed of our paradise. Join me on day five to become aware of bringing peace to any moment of the day regardless of if it is a situation of conflict and stress, or if it is a mundane experience.

I am Healthy and Abundant

Day six is meant to bring abundance and health to the forefront. Being healthy means being in contact with your inner peace. Peace is the ultimate source of mental and physical health. This mantra will keep you aware of what you are thinking and feeling while also creating a subconscious connection with its expression. Repeating the mantra, I am healthy and abundant, will carve a path toward the manifestation of your well-being. This mantra will interweave the learning from past lessons and bring them all into one, simple affirmation.

I am Creative and Wise

On day seven, we will weave wisdom and creativity together by using the mantra “I am creative and wise.” Creativity is always at hand, it is a part of everyday life whether we know it or not. Often, we think creativity is only related to the arts. However, it is also a part of our wisdom. With creativity, we can imagine scenarios that improve our way of thinking and feeling about a situation. Thus, day seven will teach you to be aware of creative thoughts and not pay attention to the limitations of the mind.