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Wayne Logan
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This course helped me build anchors for any situation, for any day, for any outcome. Pablo teaches a mechanism to connect to the self, to stay present, to harness your own superpowers. His music is calming, it is peace expressed as sound. Thank you, Pablo!
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Thank you Pablo for sharing your beautiful music and your healing mantras! Your course has taught me how to access my oasis of inner peace. You teach with genuine love and desire to help others find their own peace. This course has been transformational!!
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Brilliant, a must! A new simple yet powerful and spiritual tool that is so easy to ground me in the present. Pablo is such a great and humble master in sharing it with grace and in a straightforward way.
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Life-changing. I am beyond thankful this course came to me, and I am already beginning to experience a deep sense of peace that I was previously struggling to find. I am so grateful, I now realize I had the key all along. Blessings.
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A gift from the Universe. Pablo's method takes you on a blissful journey of how the mind works and helps build a sustainable practice for inner peace. The backdrop of his music adds a warm layer. I'll be coming back to deepen my learning. Namaste

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When created from the heart and with truth and pure intention, music is an expression of the essence, it’s the sound of the spirit.

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Meet Pablo

Pablo Arellano is a composer and pianist. Throughout his career, he has been passionate about creating music and courses to support relaxation and stress relief.

Through his music, he helps people to connect with their true selves to promote healing and improve their quality of life. You can use his music and meditation techniques to be anchored in the present moment and dive into inner peace.

From a place of stillness, you are able to create beauty, freedom and abundance in your life. Pablo’s mission is to reach and awaken the hearts of people around the world.

Pablo was born in 1968 in Mexico City. He started to learn about music and playing the piano at the age of four. He continued his education with different music professors throughout his youth. Furthermore, he studied music and composition at the New England Conservatory of Music based in the US. 

For more than 10 years, his music career developed within TV soundtracks and advertising. He used to compose music and do post-production for TV commercials, films and documentaries. But in 1990, he published his first healing music album called Soft Passion. Since then, he has continued to create healing and relaxing music.

In 1996, he resided in the Hacienda San Francisco Cuadra with his ex-partner. They built an ashram along with a healing center where they held meditations, music therapies and workshops. More than 1,000 people from around the world attended these every year. As well, they hosted workshops with numerous leading spiritual teachers.

In 2007, Pablo created his YouTube channel where he achieved over 30 million views and 91K subscribers thus far.

In 2009 he produced, interviewed, recorded and directed a series of DVDs with different famous spiritual teachers, some of which participated in the movie THE SECRET.

Since 2015 he has published healing music and guided meditations on Insight Timer. Thus far, he has achieved 10 million plays and 66K followers.

Throughout his career, he has created and published more than 60 albums. He also collaborated with different musicians from around the globe such as Jorge ReyesPepe DanzaIstvan SkyEstas TonneBoris KovacGabor Csaba Veress. He has also collaborated with great voices like Grace TerryMarisa De Lille, among others.

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