Inner Peace Music

“Music is the easiest method of meditation. Whoever can let himself dissolve into music has no need to seek anything else to dissolve into.” Osho

Wonder Medicine

Music does more than just put us in a good mood. It’s a wonder drug that sets a lot of things right: It energizes your mind, eases stress, evokes emotions, and soothes your soul. 
Listening to calm music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones.
It helps to overcome anxiety, fears, depression and improves sleep quality. Increases our level of joy in a deep and profound way.

Transcending Mind

Music is one of our most powerful gateways to connect to our spiritual nature — our divine source — the unseen. I know of no other medium that can transport us immediately, on all levels of our existence, beyond the limits of our intellect and physical body to a higher and blissful state. Music has the unique ability to transfer us independently of our thinking mind, to a place uninhibited by the judgments, doubts, and fears that too often dictate the narration of our thoughts and self-limiting beliefs.

Expression of the Essence

Music is the most consistent way I’ve found to connect to my inner voice, lift my spirits, and bring myself back into balance. It has turned the most mundane and the most challenging moments of my life into deep and indescribably divine, experiences.

When created from the heart and with truth and pure intention, music is an expression of the essence, it’s the sound of the spirit.

Connect to Devine Source With Ease and Consistency!

I prepared a special offer for you. Two different playlists of calming music that will help you to relax and connect with your inner being, and in doing so accomplish inner peace.

Playlist 01

Anchor In The Stillness

More Than 6 hr of Music

  1. One With the Universe
  2. Sacred Spaces
  3. The Wind in My Heart
  4. Young Moon
  5. Dance of Life
  6. Moments of Reflection
  7. Ripples of Light
  8. Sound of Peace
  1. Breath of the Life
  2. Gratitude and Love
  3. The Silence Seeker
  4. Perfect Harmony
  5. Sacred Winds
  6. Surrounded by Eternal Love
  1. Eternal Bliss
  2. Healing the Heart
  3. Heart Field With Dreams
  4. Sensing Divine Grace
  5. Voice of the Universe
  1. Acceptance
  2. Flow of Love
  3. Ignite the Flame
  4. Invite God
  5. Let the Universe Catch You
  6. Rest Within
  7. Cosmic Soul
  1. Dreamers of a Different World
  2. Love and Connection
  3. Northern Star
  4. Rising to the Sky
  5. Through Space and Time
  1. Bending Through Space and Time
  2. Journey to the Light
  3. Surrendering to the Universe
  4. Transcending Myself
  5. Deep Within
  1. Divine Light
  2. Soul Lift
  3. Moon
  4. Wings to Heaven
$ 37
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  • Increase joy
  • Reduce fear, anxiety, depression
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Anchor in the present moment
  • Accomplish profound inner peace

Playlist 02

Peaceful Mind

More Than 9 hr of Music

telefon sa slusalicama napred
  1. Bliss of Light
  2. Clouds of Bliss
  1. Inner Traveler
  2. Journey of Silence
  1. October Guitar
  2. Relaxing Night
  1. Whispering Notes
  2. Clouds of Eternity
  1. Chariots of Love
  2. Missing You
  1. Nostalgia
  2. Waves of Peace
  1. In the Soul
  2. Ocean of Love
  3. Navegando
$ 57
Only on this page
  • Increase joy
  • Reduce fear, anxiety, depression
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Anchor in the present moment
  • Accomplish profound inner peace


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